Side and Rear Entry Conversion Van Modifications

Enhance your daily routine and make your life easier with a side entry conversion van modification to new or pre-owned minivans like Dodge, Chrysler or Volkswagen can be made to give you the wheelchair accessibility you need at a price you can afford.

The Legend conversion offers side entry with a powered ramp. It is our most popular conversion and it is backed by a 7 year or 70,000 mile limited conversion warranty. Superior quality and value make the Legend conversion truly legendary.

Unlike the motorized Legend conversion, the Edge offers rear entry with a manual ramp. The Edge is ideal for those who expect the best in quality and affordability. The ramp is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Our customers expect great products and service at the best price, and the Legend and Edge side and rear entry van conversion modifications don't disappoint.

AMS Legend Side Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

Need Ability at a price you can afford? Have your new minivan converted today with our legendary side entry lowered floor conversion. The AMS Legend wheelchair or scooter accessible conversion is certified safe standard and comes with a great van conversion warranty.

Entry Type: Side Power Ramp

Available for $17,980

AMS Legend Side Entry

AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

If you are looking for a budget-friendly rear ramp van conversion and has a great warranty, the AMS Edge conversion could be the right mobility solution for you! Send us your new or used minivan today, and we'll convert it into a handicap accessible van at our facilities.

Entry Type: Rear Manual Ramp

Available for $12,980

AMS Edge Rear Entry

AMS Edge II Rear Entry Handicap Van Conversion

The AMS Long Channel Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion features a lowered floor with an extended interior channel that starts directly behind the front seat to the rear of the van and allows room for ambulatory transportation, accessible taxi commercial use, or general personal use.

Entry Type: Rear Power Ramp

Available for $14,980

AMS Long Channel Rear Entry
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